"If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" -N. Tesla


Like many of you, I was born addicted to Valium which gave me a biochemical imbalance in my brain.  I've suffered from hallucinations, Akathisia, tardive dyskinesia, chronic pain, degeneration, depression. anxiety and insomnia.
After 20 years on "meds" I deteriorated and I was dyeing from the side effects and I had to come off. I wasn't given the option of a taper, I was forced to go cold turkey by all of my doctors but I miraculously survived. I was cut off of benzodiazepines, opiates, antidepressants, mood stabilizers and muscle relaxers among other "meds", all at the same time. Some would say that I'm not supposed to be here but a higher power says that I am, doing exactly what I'm doing now. I'm writing books, making music, sharing how I healed myself and loving my tribe in ways that I never would have dreamed of doing before 2017. I'm honored to be of service, alive and here with you all during the most blessed days since the creation of our mother planet and I'm excited about creating the new earth with you in love and harmony.

~Know thyself~

You are not the body. You are energy, an electricity signature experiencing life in a biological body that has its own electrical system called the nervous system.
Your nervous system's frequency determines the health of your body/mind and your soul's level of consciousness (awareness). Psychiatric drugs lower your frequency and consciousness levels and create disease and suffering.
High frequencies heal and liberate the body/mind/soul. Low frequencies create disease, suffering and keep the soul in darkness/ignorance/enslavement.
Music is a limbic resonator, the language of Angels. Music raises your vibration and heals the soul.  The body follows the soul.
Love is the highest frequency/vibration in the universe so use your tools and heal yourself!

Take a deep breath, sing your song, dance your dance, beat your drum, love yourself and love each other. You've got this!

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" -N. Tesla

***I am not affiliated with any church, religion, sect, cult or dark agenda. I am of love and light. I love Source God and I love humanity.




Raise your consciousness, frequency and vibration Love creates self regulation Regain self control in fight or flight mode with music Maintain a biochemical balance with a high frequency Transmute negative energy Regenerate your damaged brain with Reiki energy healing Release self hate, disempowerment and victimhood Reconnect with your spirit Become your best friend Your story is big pharma's kryptonite, speak up! Don't waste your anger/rage, use it as fuel for your aspirations Connect with others just like you


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Born addicted to Valium, understanding a lifetime of symptoms


Wendy's story can be read on the Mad in America website: https://www.madinamerica.com/2020/08/born-addicted-valium-understanding-lifetime-symptoms/

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how do i feel better now?

how do i feel better now?
How do I feel better NOW???

In psych drug withdrawal, your brain is only producing stress hormones so you need to stimulate your feel-good hormones.

Things that stimulate all 4 feel good hormones:  
  • Love yourself like you’ve never loved yourself before.  Love is the strongest, most healing force in the universe, that’s why visitors are encouraged in hospitals
  • Trust yourself to know what you need before you consider anybody else’s suggestions.  Only you know what you need to get through this!!!!
  • Throw shame out the window, you don’t need that in your life anymore!!!  Love and thank yourself for everything that you do for yourself
  • Sing your favorite songs from the gut; channel all your fear and intensity into songs/music that you can really get into and just let it out.  Sing like nobody can hear you without holding back!!!
  • Dancing is fun and it stimulates all 4 feel good hormones
  • Drumming is the creator’s heartbeat.  Music is the language of angels, that’s why our indigenous use drums! (rhythm is the balance between chaos and calm) drumming creates balance
  • Trust yourself to know what you need before you consider anybody else’s suggestions.  Only you know what you need to get through this!!!!
  • Sitting in darkness stimulates serotonin (I like to hang out in a black light!)
  • Sunlight is a natural antidepressant (sunlight produces serotonin and vitamin D) so when you are TOTALLY OFF YOUR MEDS, spend time in the sunlight.  Use your judgement and don’t get sunburned!!! (psych meds make the sun harmful; wait till you are totally off your meds before spending time in the sun!!!)
  • Count the stars, talk to the universe, and don’t hold back.  Your creator loves you and misses you!  Love produces feel good hormones and this is an excellent way to get them flowing
  • Soil contains microbes that have natural antidepressants in it
  • Earthing/grounding -mother earth radiates negative ions (she relieves brain zaps!)
  • In psych drug withdrawal we are super charged with positive energy and we need to balance that with negative energy.  Mother earth is made of negative (feminine) energy
              Earthing/grounding is simply going barefoot on soil, grass and concrete or swimming/standing in natural water resources (underground pools are okay)
  • Trust yourself to know what you need before you consider anybody else’s suggestions.  Only you know what you need to get through this!!!!
  • Reaching one’s peak (orgasm) will stimulate all 4 feel good hormones and release a lot of positive energy
  • Laughter is the best medicine (watch funny animal videos…AVOID THE NEWS!!!!)
  • Practice positive self-talk, OUT LOUD!!!  You’re already labeled mentally ill, so what do you have to lose?
  • Listen to birds.  The tone that they sing in is healing to the brain (search “birdsong” on you tube)
  • Listen to bee’s hum.  The tone that they flap their wings in is healing to the brain (search “bee sounds: on you tube)
  • Safely enjoy a fire and burn your pain in the flames and release it to the universe for repurposing.  BE SAFE WITH FIRE!!!  Mother earth is healing too so respect her.
  • Talk to other people going through the same thing.  You are not alone!  Professionals cannot support you unless they have experienced withdrawal themselves.  Support one another through this
  • Practice gratitude with yourself, with others and most of all with your creator
  • Celebrate because what is inappropriate about big pharma is exposed and they are going to pay YOU!!!
  • Trust yourself to know what you need before you consider anybody else’s suggestions.  Only you know what you need to get through this!!!! (repeating on purpose….)
  • This is going to take time.  More than you want it to take, so be okay with getting a little bit better and a little bit better.  A lot of a little bit betters add up and you will be stronger than you’ve ever been at the end of this.
Know that there’s thousands of us that have gone through this, and we survived.  Know that I love you and whomever shared this with you loves you too!
If you want to sing songs about withdrawal, check out my you tube channel and sing along! https://www.youtube.com/feed/my_videos  Peace and love be with you!
Oh yeah, if you’re interested in reading my eBook while it’s still free, check out “Psychiatric drug withdrawal energy healing, how to survive eternal hell” on Amazon
Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor or a medical professional.  Do not take this as medical advice.
+++I was born addicted to a benzodiazepine.  After 15+years on benzo’s, antidepressants, opioids, muscle relaxers, mood stabilizers and other meds I quit cold turkey (doctor directed) and survived.  This is how I did it.  
I did this (angel guided) totally alone and survived. 
I love you family!!!
-Wendy Thomas
**** Please feel free to share this with anybody that you feel would benefit from it!

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